• Image of Paradise Lost (Part 1)
  • Image of Paradise Lost (Part 1)
  • Image of Paradise Lost (Part 1)

“Incens’d with indignation Satan stood / Unterrify’d and like a comet burn’d”
— Milton, Paradise Lost.

This design was inspired by an amazing tapestry at the United Nations by Alexander Kishchenko that was created in response to the Chernobyl disaster. The central figure of the tapestry represents the chaos unleashed by humanity’s mishandling of nuclear energy. I wanted to update it for more current global events. The pose also has some similarities to William Blake’s depictions of Lucifer and the Red Dragon, as well as daVinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Giclee print with archival pigment inks on 280gsm Innova Soft White Cotton paper.

Limited edition of 50. All prints are signed and numbered.

Page dimensions: 420mm x 594mm (A2 size)

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